Nia FreeDance Teacher Training with Adelle and Joanie

February 9- 10, 2019

Adelle Joanie FreeDance.png

This weekend is for those wishing to work with populations interested in trance dance, conscious dance, and freedance genres.

Focused on unlocking people’s spirit, creativity, and self-expression, Nia FreeDance (FD) teacher training will provide you with the knowledge and skills to successfully engage dancers in a blend of structured and unstructured movement. Founded on the eight-stages of FreeDance, and on the synergistic combination of music, movement, and magic, you will learn how to craft and guide a Nia FreeDance class. 

Topics covered include: creativity; multidimensional inner and outer dance expression; the Nia FD class format; business and marketing; lesson plans; inspiring leadership; the art and language of form and freedom; spirit, healing and the body; and masterminding the pulse and beat of music.

 Join Adelle and Joanie for this FUN weekend!