Tai Chi for Better Aging - Mindful Exercise for Better Balance and Heart Health with David Dorian-Ross

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Join international Tai Chi Master David-Dorian Ross (Tai Chi world champion, PBS host and one of YouTube's Top Ten creators) for a special weekend on the healing power of Tai Chi!

What if you could live the second half of life happier, healthier and more fulfilled than the first half? Learn about the recent medical discoveries by the Mayo Clinic, Harvard Medical school and others that show T’ai Chi’s benefits for those with obesity, diabetes, hypertension, depression, Alzheimers, arthritis and more. Tai Chi for Better Aging will show you how easy it can be add this ancient longevity secret to your lifestyle.

January 12- 13, 2019

Saturday Only:

Experience the latest method for getting the many physical and mental benefits of Tai Chi. Do you or someone you know have arthritis pain, occasional balance problems or a family history of heart disease? In this day-long workshop you'll learn six simple movements designed as part of your "better aging" lifestyle. You'll learn about a method known as TaijiFit - a class that uses traditional Tai Chi and Qigong movements, combined with modern music and easy instruction - but NO routines to memorize. You'll learn to tap into the power of FLOW - the principle that connects Body, Mind and Spirit.

Saturday & Sunday Combo:

For those who want to explore becoming a TaijiFit instructor, attend both the Saturday and Sunday sessions. Fitness and therapy professionals can earn up to 12 hours of CEC's for attending. Continuing the lessons you had on Saturday, you'll learn a series of 5 combinations that make up a basic class. You will also learn the proprietary techniques of TaijiFit cueing, plus observation and assessment skills.

TaijiFit™ Instructor Basic Training
In this 2-day course, you will be introduced a revolutionary way to bring T’ai Chi to your fitness clients – a way that makes this workout fun, “hip,” and accessible to anyone. You’ll learn to break down and teach 17 different T’ai Chi exercises, using a 5-part cueing format. Each movement is taught using a unique application of functional fitness principles, which makes it much easier to learn these mind/body techniques.

You help others when you bring them to Flow.
Would you like to help others find the key to Balance and Harmony? Then you might be just the person we are looking for. TaijiFit™ Instructors guide their students into a state of rhythm, connection and inner harmony that we call the state of Flow. In that state your movement becomes freer, the energy inside you is awakened, and your mind becomes peaceful and calm. You find balance. And when you find balance – everything just works better.

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