Visiting Instructor - Fred Bass

Nia First Degree Black Belt Teacher

I came to Nia via the merging of a hip injury that had sidelined me from my life long passion of participating in sports, be it running 5k, 10k, marathons, golfing, softball or the occasional pick up game of hoops. My sister-in-law challenged me to attend her Nia class at a point that I felt I had few alternatives for moving. It was not love at first class, but at the end of class two things rang true loud and clear for me:
1) I had gotten a workout, cardio and conditioning;
2) I wasn't in pain.

Long story short, after 3 years of attending classes I attended the Nia White Belt intensive training and began my Nia teaching journey. I completed my Black Belt training in December of 2011.

I have never forgotten my first class and promise to provide every student an hour of conditioning, healing and feeling better than when they arrived. I bring a sense of balance to class – a balance for your body, mind, emotions and your spirit.