Arthur Hull


Arthur Hull is an internationally renowned percussionist. He is seen by many as the person who conceived and developed the idea of the facilitated community drum circle. He now travels the world training drum circle facilitators.

Hull's facilitated drum circles are specifically non culturally specific. Though African djembes may predominate, many other styles of drums and percussion are in evidence. The teaching at a facilitated drum circle is 'teaching without teaching' - participants are playfully encouraged to create their own in-the-moment rhythms and sounds. Freed from the pressure to get things right, people can relax and let the rhythms play them. Many, having become comfortable with their drum through such play, will go on to learn specific rhythms and cultures.

Arthur has published two books:

  • Drum Circle Spirit: Facilitating Human Potential Through Rhythm is a handbook for anyone wanting to work with drums with non musicians.
  • Drum Circle Facilitation is an extension of the first, and the result of ten years of running training courses across the globe.

We are SO excited to have Arthur visiting us in San Antonio, and bringing his magical FUNtastic training weekend!