Tivi Kaminski

Tivi Kaminski.jpg

Tivi Kaminski has been practicing Acro Yoga since early 2015. Her first class opened an entire new world of partner-based movement and she has not looked back since.  This passion is what led her to seek her teacher’s certification from Acro Revolution in February of 2017, and she started teaching right away.

Tivi has over 1,300 hours of practice and has played throughout the United States as well as internationally. From these experiences, she has practice in learning and teaching in Spanish. Her partner and she host workshops in the San Antonio community, and have been co-teaching weekly classes for a year.

Her favorite thing about Acro Yoga is forging connection with new friends and being able to share an unusual hobby. Tivi loves being able to share her knowledge to ensure a safe, fun practice with everyone who is willing.


Tivi can be reached at natkaminski3@gmail.com