SPIRIT BIRD! with Jason Allan Griffin


Friday, June 14
Cost: 2x on your class card, or $20 

1˚ Nia Black Belt teacher Jason Alan Griffin (JAG) has been teaching Nia all across the USA for 22 years. This year, he was inspired by the concept of flight in the creation of his latest routine, Spirit Bird.

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Teaching his routine Spirit Bird, JAG will then inspire us to journey during an hour playshop, as we take flight through our bodies, exploring being ‘high’ on the inside and ‘grounded’ on the outside.

More from JAG on Spirit Bird... 

"The Spirit Bird routine was created by JAG with the spirit of collaboration. As JAG describes it, "I feel like I gave this routine a few sparks in the community and created the space for this routine to manifest itself. A strong 'bird' motif showed up as I created the playlist and then the concept of 'flight' in our movement naturally followed." Spirit Bird is an empowering and freeing routine focused on the Ground in order to give our bodies Flight.

The focus of the routine is on The Sensation of Grounded, which is an awareness of the relationship between the foot and the earth. The intent is to use the power of the Ground to find Mobility, Strength Agility, Flexibility and Stability. It is a lovely opportunity to explore the Three Planes of Movement and a great chance to use awareness of your Levels One, Two and Three to find a relaxed powerful flight.

Flight can be described as feeling heavy on the outside but light on the inside. Or magnetically attached to the earth, and at the same time floating upward into the sky. It can be perceived as a force that lifts, or pulls the body away from Earth, when we focus on connecting down into it.

Students are saying that they feel transformed by what this routine brings up and they like that there are two or three pop songs that are fun to dance and sing along to. This routine leaves students feeling confident, strong, secure and powerful.

The power of this routine is in the repetition of a basic sinking down into the earth and then reaching up to the sky at the same time. It is the connection of those two actions and intentions that transforms our movement into expressions of our power and our spirits.

Learning this routine taught me some new movements, such as a front to back variation on the Turn/Return. It also offers a fun song in the count of five, which gives us the unusual timeless sensation of waiting that one extra beat before repeating."

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This original routine uses music from Xavier Rudd, Dean Can Dance, Bob Marley, Shakira, Vince Guaraldi Trio and more!

***JAG travels with his dog, River, who will sleep in his crate during class. Please ignore River so he relaxes :)