Sarita Rodriguez

Nia Instructor


Sarita Rodriguez discovered the inspirational power of Nia in 1999 but has known the joy of dance as long as she can remember.

I see photographs of myself as a three year-old child swaying the lacy skirts of La Pollera (the national dress of Panama) and cant help but move to the drum beats of my heart.

In 2006, after seven years of dancing and experiencing Nia in Austin,Texas, Sarita trained and studied with nationally renowned Nia Black Belt Trainer, Holly Curtis in Santa Fe, New Mexico where she completed her White Belt training. Sarita has since studied and received her Green, Blue and Brown Belt certifications.

Sarita draws from her Caribbean roots (both Panamanian and Puerto Rican) to guide the rhythm, energy and grace of her expressive dance that thrives in the joy of Nia.

I love Nia because it provides a dynamic and disciplined framework for exploring natural movement and self-discovery. The Nia elements of form and freedom enrich my soul. Nia continues to increase my body-knowledge and encourages me to lovingly build my mind, body and spirit. I aspire to share that knowledge and experience with students in class.


Sarita can be reached at