Reiki Level II Training  with Rob Hernandez

Harness Your Natural Therapeutic Power!

The Synergy Studio offers Level II Attunements with Reiki Master Rob Hernandez!

Training II has three attunements, and allows for the practitioner to perform distant healing, aura saturation, breaking habits (+ more). The training also incorporates crystal therapy to enhance your practice.


*Review of Level I + Q&A
*Crystals and their uses
*Using Reiki and crystals in a session
*Distant Healing Symbol
*Mental / Emotional Symbol
*Performing long distance sessions
*Clearing thought patterns and replacing them with positive new ones.
*Linking symbols together for enhanced Reiki power
Aura Saturation

Requirement: Successful completion of Reiki I, + practiced for a minimum of 4 months

Saturday, May 11
1:00 - 5:00pm
$250. Space is limited!
For more information call or email Rob:
Phone: 310 980 2352
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