Raqs Sharqui - Open Level with Lamia Chusi

Join Lamia each week and learn the enchanting art of Egyptian Raqs Sharqi or as it is commonly known in the west, Belly Dance!

In this class we will work on belly dance technique, drills, combos and choreography. There will also be a short introduction of the cultural aspects of the dance and also music styles and rhythms.

You will learn the essential movements of belly dance and their variations. Lifts and Drops, Slides, Shimmy, Twists, Circles, Figure 8’s, Undulations, Turns, Traveling.

These classes will help your body build muscle memory, and also work on conditioning, toning, and help to increase balance and flexibility. Although Egyptian style is predominant, we will learn other styles as well.

Props are fun tools to use during our dance practice so veil, zills, swords, wings, and daggers will be taught in class or workshops.

Links to PayPal in advance:

Drop in - https://www.paypal.me/LamiaChusi/15
4 classes - https://www.paypal.me/LamiaChusi/56
Senior/Military/Student -https://www.paypal.me/LamiaChusi/12
Question? Please email Lamia: LamiaChusi@gmail.com

Get ready to have a blast!


Drop in rate : $15
4 classes for $56
Senior, student and military drop in rate $12
Students can pay in advance or in class.