Maray McChesney

Nia for Girls Instructor


Growing up, Maray never considered herself an athlete. She shied away from competitive sports because she didn’t like the competition. She never felt strong or fast or flexible enough, compared to other, more active girls. Maray suffered from low self-esteem, along with depression and anxiety throughout her teen years, and even into her early adulthood.

In the early winter of 2009, Maray stepped into her first Nia class. By the end of the hour, she knew she had found what she had been lacking all along! Ever since that first Nia experience, Maray has devoted herself to the Nia practice over the years at The Synergy Studio. Her self-esteem has improved and she now feels powerful, flexible and athletic! Because of this life-changing transformation, Maray trained for her White Belt teacher certification in 2014 and received her Blue Belt in 2017, so that she can now share the Nia experience with a younger generation of girls and teens - so that they too can feel powerful, flexible and athletic, not only in their bodies, but in their lives!


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