Lamia Chusi


Professional belly dancer and lifelong stage and film performer from San Antonio, Texas, Lamia is highly skilled in the art of traditional and theatrical belly dance. She instructs weekly classes, private lessons and workshops.

Lamia has studied ballet, jazz, tap, and hip hop along with theater arts. Performance and dance have always been a part of her life, her very first performance was at the age of 3 at the San Antonio Sunken Garden Theater. Acting is also a passion of Lamia's and she has had the opportunity to work in film in Austin (mainly) and other cities in Texas. 

Lamia's for this belly dance has led her to study many genres (Raqs Sharqi, ATS, ITS, Tribal Fusion, Zambra Mora, Kawliya), as well as incorporating props like veil, zills, wings, sword and shamadan. She has trained with many local and international artists such as Alana Ouazzani, April Rose, Silvia Salamanca, Alla Kushnir, and Alex Delora. She has earned a dance certification by Belladonna Boheme.  Continued dance education is a priority to Lamia so she makes sure to take consistent workshops and classes to strengthen her skills.

For Lamia teaching is so rewarding because she can share the magical and breathtaking art of belly dance and also provide a safe supportive environment for students of all ages and body types. The best part is seeing her students fall in love with the dance, have fun, enjoy class and progress each week!


Lami can be reached at