"JOY" Nia Routine Learn the Moves Playshop! with Adelle and Joanie

Sunday, February 21, 2016
2:30 pm- 5:00pm
$30 (includes playshop, class and the music!)

Join Adelle and Joanie for a FUN Playshop, where we will "Learn the Moves" of the new Nia routine JOY. Mark your calendars and join Adelle Brewer and Joanie Brooks for the launch of the brand new JOY Nia routine! 

Created by Ann Christiansen, JOY is one of the new 2015 Nia routines. The focus of Joy...well of course Joy of Movement. :) You will love the moves and the music! 

The Playshop is for everyBODY!
Cost for the playshop is $30 which includes the 'Learn the Moves' playshop, the JOY music, and the Nia class at 4:00! 

We will break the katas (move sequences) down starting at 2:30, and then get to play with them in class at 4:00. 

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