Hetali Lodaya 

Hetali is excited to help bring to Synergy a flavor of India through the dance traditions of Bhangra and Bollywood!

Trained in various Indian folk dance styles, Hetali has been dancing in, choreographing for, and leading community and school performances since the age of nine. She has danced competitively on the Bhangra circuit since 2010, with UNC Bhangra Elite and most recently Alamo City Bhangra. She believes that everyone can dance, and loves helping new dancers find that passion through movement and music! When she's not in the studio or drumming, Hetali can be found working full-time at VentureLab, a nonprofit that provides entrepreneurship and technology education programs for K-12. Originally from Chapel Hill, NC, she is thrilled to have found a place to share the rich history and energy of Indian dance in San Antonio.