Adam Barley

Adam Barley is an extraordinary guest teacher at The Synergy Studio. Read about the 5Rhythms workshop in April and join us for an amazing weekend. 

The bio below is from Adam's website which you can view here.  

I love this practice; it's completely changes my life. I am both humbled and proud to be teaching it. I came across the 5Rhythms in '88 after 7 years of studying meditation and many personal growth techniques. I started seriously in '91, trained to teach in '94, and had 5 years mentoring with Gabrielle to teach the "5Rhythms Heartbeat" level of her work as well as doing the first official Heartbeat training with her in '05 - '06. 
My teaching style is clear, high-energy, and I hope inspiring. I don't believe we have the time to mess around pretending that something's happening if it isn't, or vice versa. I've been freaked out, scared witless, furious and broken hearted often enough to have compassion for most of what turns up in on the dance floor, and to know how precious it is to enjoy life. 
I often work without music, which helps you the dancer to find your own rhythms and journeys in a deeper way. However, at heart I'm a musician as well as a dancer. Over the many years I've been doing this, I have come to use by DJ decks as an instrument, and to know how to create soundscapes in ever more creative ways that is a truly delightful part of the job. 

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