Equinox Ecstatic Dance San Antonio!Sarah Gabriel

Friday, March 22

Suggested $10 donation, to help support the upcoming move of The Synergy Studio!


Join Sarah Gabriel & the Ecstatic Dance family in celebration of Spring!

We've survived another winter. We are blessed to witness again the wonders of rebirth. Green life all around begins to return. What vital energy pulses through you? How do you bloom? Come explore natural expression in moving community.

What is Ecstatic Dance?

Ecstatic Dance is a safe space for non-judgmental, non-verbal, barefoot movement, set to a mix of soulful music. Discovering & releasing limiting beliefs & old programming, we open to authentic embodied exploratory expression & creative connection. Compassionate consensual contact is encouraged.

• Non-verbal space
• Barefoot, no shoes on the dance floor
• Dance however the music moves you
• Be sensitive to your own boundaries and safety and those of others
• Leave behind judgment of self and others.
• Mirrors will be covered to encourage letting go of the distraction of appearances 

What to bring: Your personal presence, your respect for all, water bottle, comfortable clothes, bare feet, optional items for the community space (flowers/stones/your jewelry to charge in the ceremony). Come as you are – and bring a friend!

Note: All participants must fill out a consent/release form with the The Synergy Studio. Available online prior to the dance at www.thesynergystudio.com. Go to “sign up” on “my info” at the top of schedule page.

Sarah Gabriel is a licensed massage therapist, healing movement facilitator, and ordained priestess. She helps people feel better.

This event is by donation, to help support the upcoming move of The Synergy Studio!