Elizabeth Rodriguez

Pilates Instructor / Certified Health Coach


Elizabeth has been certified in Pilates since 2005. She was a classical ballet dancer, performing alongside Ballet Austin, and then when she discovered Flamenco, she followed her dream to live, work and perform in Seville, Spain for seven years. It was in Spain where she discovered Pilates and began her health journey. Pilates gives you a whole body workout, focusing on the core abdominal muscles while also working on the deeper, more intrinsic muscles of the body. Elizabeth always focuses on a positive movement experience, where you feel energized, motivated, stronger and tranquil in every class. 

In addition to her group mat classes, she offers One-to-One training sessions in the Pilates Room located within the Synergy Studio. These effective sessions are designed for the busy professional with limited time, who wants results quickly and wants a workout completely based on the individual’s needs and goals. If you think what you’re currently doing is the best workout you have, think again. Pilates will astound you. These personal training sessions strengthen the entire body with the Reformer, Cadillac, and Wunda Chair. Pilates is not only the exercise of choice for movie stars in Hollywood, but it is also used for rehabilitation from an injury including herniated discs, sciatica, improving muscle stiffness, fibromyalgia, and knee issues. 

Elizabeth is also a Certified Holistic Health Coach and is currently offering small group and private coaching for busy, professional women who are going through difficult transitions (breakups, moving, career changes). It is during unexpected transitions that we often neglect our physical and mental health. We might shut down emotionally, attract unhealthy relationships, overeat or overwork, all of which can run us into the ground and make us ill. With her health coaching, she motivates her clients to eat better and make essential lifestyle choices to heal and thrive. She also recently published her book, Put On The Blindfold And Jump: A Survival Guide to Staying Healthy During Change. 


For more information on One-to-One Pilates training, Pilates group classes and Health Coaching in groups or privately, please send an e-mail to elisarodriguez@mac.com and visit her website, http://www.elizabethrodriguezwellness.com.