Carol Payne

Accredited T’ai Chi Chih® Lead Instructor

Carol took here first T’ai Chi Chih (TCC) class in 2007. She has studied with numerous teachers all over the United States.  She has taught classes for both the staff and mental health patients at the San Antonio Military Medical Center.  Classes have also been conducted at several retirement communities, the University of the Incarnate Word Retreat Center, Del Webb Hill Country Retreat and the city-operated Lion’s Field Senior Center on Broadway.

TCC is not a martial art but a moving meditation that activates, circulates and balances the intrinsic energies that flow within our body.   The practice is easy to do and requires very little space or special equipment. Anyone can participate regardless of age, physical condition or athletic ability.  It can even be done seated.    

John C. Payne

T’ai Chi Chih® Assistant Instructor

John has practiced T”ai Chi Chih since 2009 and has met the standards for formal teacher accreditation.  Since 2010, he has assisted his wife in conducting numerous classes in diverse venues. 

John says, "Many of the benefits I have received from T’ai Chi Chih include improved balance, gentle relaxation, better sleep, and improved concentration and focus. Because of my interest in public health and holistic medicine, I enjoy sharing these multiple benefits with those who seek these healthful outcomes. 
My employment background and outside interests range from teaching, writing and entrepreneurship. I retired from the Medical Service Corps of the US Army and subsequently operated three small businesses in the past.

I love to write and teach. This includes stints as an adjunct professor in business at several universities and many post-military years in the field of health care administration.  Some refer to me as a health care economist. I have published four books; three fictions and one a sci-fi/fantasy."

Carol and John look forward to having you in class! The classes begin in March. Monday mornings at 9:15am. 


Carol can be reached at