Benjamin Brandvig

Benjamin Brandvig.jpg

Ben was introduced to Acro Yoga in the summer of 2015 after attending a jam on the Hay’s Street Bridge. Quickly becoming addicted to the trust-building and unique experiences of Acro Yoga, Ben started attending classes regularly and adapted quickly to the poses and transitions.

In August of 2016, nearly a year later, Ben took over as a lead instructor developing classes and workshops for the community. In February of 2017, he participated in Acro Revolutions Acro Yoga Teacher Training program to become one of San Antonio’s few certified instructors.

Acro Yoga is fundamentally about building trust while creating shapes and dynamic movement. Originally created as an introduction to high level partner acrobatics, Acro Yoga has molded into a safe movement practice between two people.

Ben has a superb focus on spotting and keeping the community safe while progressing into intermediate and advanced skills. With an emphasis on progressions and self-assessment, Ben will bring a new level of trust and comfort to any newcomer or veteran of Acro Yoga.


Ben can be reached at