5Rhythms with Adam Barley 

April 29-May 1, 2016
Friday 5:00-7:30pm
Saturday 11:00am -6:00pm
Sunday 10:00am-3:45pm

*Full Weekend* $225
*Friday Night Only*  $35 in advance / $45 at the door

Get ready for an amazing weekend with 5Rhythms extraordinary teacher Adam Barley!

Movement - wild, gentle, true, ordinary, breath-taking - in dynamic balance through body, heart and mind. There is no right or wrong, only presence and unconsciousness. Let's keep waking up, deeper and deeper, through the gateway of the physical. Free the body, then everything else comes naturally. If you choose.

The basics of the 5Rhythms practice are it's deepest power, and there is no end to their potential. In this body of work, the beginner and black-belt exist side by side - with freedom in physical movement. The deeper your practice becomes, the more each rhythm opens out into a whole field of awareness with it's own challenges, teachings and gifts.

For the beginner this is the essential grounding in the 5Rhythms as a practice, and for the experienced it is the power and beauty of simplicity - to return to the empty space of the dance where there is the freedom to go precisely where your spirit moves you, to embrace the challenges and grace of this moment now.

Questions? Email AdelleBrewer@gmail.com

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